“The scariest moment is just before you start”

That statement couldn’t be more true – as I pulled away from the cottage on a gloomy Saturday morning my heart pounded. I didn’t have that lump in my throat any more I just had total apprehension. After a week of sobbing at the drop of a hat that uneasiness was a welcome.

But for real that 4 hour drive from The Cotswolds to Cornwall was the longest of my life. On my own in the car with only BBC radio 2 for company – phew.

This has been the fastest week of my life, settling into the holiday cottage and starting my new job has been an absolute whirlwind. So much so, on Wednesday after just 6 and a half hours of work I felt like I could have slept for 2 weeks. Sadly I didn’t and had the worst sleep of my life.

Read here my top 5 things I learnt from relocating so far.

But we have literally thrown ourselves into life down here and made the most of what we have got. I rejoined Slimming World for one. That took some real balls but I bit the bullet – I don’t know what was more scary though; joining and not knowing anyone or facing those darn scales!

But week one is done and so far I am going to risk it and say – ‘why on earth didn’t we do this sooner’

All my love

Hannah x