Your Positive Pants Wash Care Label

I am not somebody who oozes positive vibes and lights up a room. To be honest, I would rather not be in the room at all and I most definitely see the negative in pretty much everything. You’re totally chuffed you clicked on this post, right?! But please bear with me.

But hey, that’s just me, in order for me to try and be likable I have to put my positive pants on. Like in the morning, get up, get dressed, walk the dogs, make myself look human and put my positive pants on.

They aren’t sexy at all either. They’re like Marks and Spencer nude body sculpt pants that have been through numerous mixed washes and gone bobbly on the crotch. They are ugly as hell but they’re safe and comforting and hide a multitude of sins.

But it can’t just be me that owns these imaginary pants, can it?

How many women, and men have that same routine each morning?

How many of us get cocky that we don’t need them and let it all hang out?

*Gingerly raises hand* this week I forgot them every day. On Monday I thought I had them on, Tuesday I slipped them off and allowed myself a day to breathe and Wednesday morning despite numerous attempts I left them in a pile on my bedroom floor. To be honest, by Friday, I didn’t even attempt to get them on. Fast forward 12 hours and I was sobbing on the sofa into the back of my dogs’ head while the other one stared into the darkest depths of my soul and tried desperately to get me to take him out.

I forgot how much I needed them, how much they shielded me from other people’s harsh words and actions, how they muted my negative thoughts and taught me to see the bright side.

BIG ASS SIDE NOTE: mental health is a massively personal thing, I want to punch people that think its okay to tell someone else to just ‘cheer up’. I try to make myself look on the Brightside because that’s the right thing to do for ME. Usually with Monty Python song in the background.

It is 100% okay to not put them on. You don’t have to be a happy harry ALL THE TIME. But for me they help. I want to be somebody I am happy to hang around. But at the grand old age of 27 I have no idea how to do many grown up things and that includes caring for my positive pants. As noted before I have also thrown them in the ‘self-care’ bin in my brain and hope they come out clean. Disclaimer; they do not come out clean. So, what if I treat them more like a White Company cashmere jumper and less like a Primark £1 thong?!

I want to work out what I can do that make me more positive. Small things I can do daily and then bigger things I can do monthly or yearly to make sure my positive pants are cared for and remain firmly on my ass. So, me, you, a pad of paper and our favourite pen, 5 – 10 things. Do it now!

So, I think, adulthood is just something I think a lot of us are fumbling our way through. My positive pants are so important to me, but I don’t know how to care for them and I guess it’s just one big trial and error?! But positive pants do need washing and caring for and to make it worse those bad boys do not have a wash care label!

So lets raise a cuppa for fumbling our way through adulthood and looking after our positive pants!

Lots of love

H x